What Your Interior Style Says About You

Capture your inner personality within the interior style of your home

Your home is where you spend most of your time and should be a place for comfort. For that, your home should reflect your personality and your unique traits. It dictates everything indirectly such as the colour we chose, the pattern and the texture.


You are friendly, easy-going and elegant. You care about comfort of the home and you pay more attention to increase the cosiness of your home. Spending quality time with friends and family is what you enjoy the most!


You are a determined, efficient and a perfectionist. A person who think twice before making a decision. Your home reflects a beautiful yet streamlined set up which makes you enjoy staying in during your free time like reading a book while enjoying hot cup of tea.


You are driven, professional and organized. Anything that is sleek, simple and spacious is what you are drawn to. A fan of classic and your primary colours for your home design is mostly black and white with neutral or vibrant colour as an accents.


You are charismatic, social and artistic. You have flair for collecting unique things and might have some DIY projects on your hand for your home decoration. Which explains why cookie-cutter isn’t your thing. Keeping up with the latest trend while incorporating your own idea is what makes your home truly unique.


You are poised, balanced and graceful. You prefer colour scheme and design that utilize calm and neutral tones with some hint of gold. Interested in culture and history as you relish in refined setting, opting for traditional and elegant furnishing, paired with a sense of history.




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