Top interior design in Singapore

There are really alot of ID firm in Singapore. How do you actually determine which are the Top interior design in Singapore? Here is a checklist which may help you to source & select the best. Well lets go!

1) Design
“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent” – Joe Sparano. Every designer has different philosophy, taste, perspective, experience, style and creativity which will all produce good design. Great design are those which has design empathy as it’s core principle. Listening to the client, identifying and assembling the jigsaw puzzle of ideas together to create the great design. In order to achieve great design, clients have to select designers with design empathy, listening & understanding all concern and style that they have. Every individual is unique and there is “no one size fits all” design.

2) Budget
Budget can be one of the most core factor for some clients. The cheapest package is the best package. But is that so? Well, it really depends on your contract with the ID and the clause made per contract. Some contracts have many hidden costs and not transparent. You may be quoted with a ridiculously low amount and promise you the sky, but when contract is formed, you start realising the price you thought you are going to pay for your dream house is actually just a dream, so when finding ID, low price doesn’t means the best. Check for reviews by past clients, drop by the studio to visit and do some market research before selecting the best ID of your choice.

3) Reputation and brand
ID can be costly at times depending on individual client needs and there are handful of clients taking up renovation loan from bank. With huge amount of money on hand, client will naturally feel more secure if the ID they engaged is reputable and popular. But reputable and popular also means the price maybe going to be costly as well. Which luxury brand product can you find that is of low price? Notwithstanding the fact that the products they selling are of top quality, but the branding itself maybe part of your cost to be considered as well. So it really depends on the clients budget & affordability level to select your best ID. Again, you may check for reviews by past clients, drop by the studio to visit and do some market research before selecting the best ID of your choice.

4) Quality
Quality is difficult to access as every environment and usage varies per user. Moreover , the only assurance to obtain prior to engaging the ID is through reviews and etc and everyone will claim their quality the best. So how to determine the best quality?
It’s the “after sales” service that really matters. The warranty provided, the contactability and accountability of the ID when items are damaged within the warranty period. Since everywhere is good quality, why not find the ones that have accountability instead?

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