Singapore Renovation Tips

Congratulations on your new chapter! Are you excited to own a new home sweet home but worrying over your home renovation process? Not sure what you should do? Worry not, we’ve prepare some renovation tips for you as a guideline. Let’s go!

Choosing your own theme and style

A great way to start your renovation journey is to choose your theme and interior style. Start planning early by going on Pinterest and save the designs that you like for reference. At least when you hired an interior designer, both of you have a clearer idea on what your home is going to be.


Now that you have a clear style that you’re going for, the next step is to plan for your budgeting. Consider these:

  • Interior Designer fees
    • Design fee
    • Renovation cost
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Cost for moving
  • Miscellaneous

The cost varies depending on the complexity of the work, material used as well as design. Be realistic with your budget and differentiate between want and need.

Plan for Power Socket

While we uses electronic devices almost every day, it’s best to plan the location and number of plugs you need ahead of time. Why? Because installing them after your home had renovated could cost more. And you also would not want to fight with your cohabitants for limited power points.

Hire an Interior Designer

Your Interior Designer is someone who will manage and take care of your renovation from planning to execution to handover. A key factor for a good Interior Designer is the one that understands what you want and advice you accordingly. Have a peace of mind with Spaceology Interior, contact us to schedule an appointment for FREE quotation.




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