Make a room look bigger

How to fool your eyes with these tips

The Struggle with how to make a small room look bigger. As Singapore’s home is getting smaller, fitting everything you need into small space is not an easy task. However, tricking the eye into perceiving more space is not as difficult as you think.

Material & furniture choice

Avoid heavy material and fabric. Especially thick curtain as it will absorb the light and weigh your room down, making it appear smaller. The perfect type of material is linen because it helps to make your room feel airy and relaxing.

When it comes to your furniture, fittings, soft furnishing and accessories, choose colours that are in the same family. While multiple colour may make your room seems fun, but it will overwhelm the small space you have, making it seems cramp and cluttered.

Size & space of surrounding

Nothing makes a small space feel more cramped than having too much stuff. To make any space look bigger is a good de-cluttering. It will make your room instantly roomier! Work out ways to get your things organized and out of sight or even opt for space saving storage. And, one of the best thing is you will have less to clean.

Did you know that our eyes are drawn towards the light? Any room will look larger with well-lit light – be it natural lighting or artificial lighting as it eliminates the sense of heaviness in your room. There are various lighting options you can find, just talk to us and we’ll gladly assist you.


Mirrors on the walls or even glass table tops give the impression of a bigger space. Your room and light will be reflected, as a result, giving your room a more open feel. A great tip? Place the mirror near a lighting to make your room looks even spacious! Another great tip is to use a focal point and angle the mirror towards it to give the illusion of depth.



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