Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator: Which One To Hire?

Aren’t they the same thing?

 Great! You finally decided to make changes at home and you realize you’re going to need some help. Then you stumbled across Interior Designer and Interior Decorator. Hmmm, aren’t they the same?

Interior designer and interior decorator are often mistaken as the same job. And if you don’t know the difference, you might hire the wrong type of expertise for your home.

Interior Designer

Interior designer handle your home improvement journey from start to the end, from an empty floor plan to decorative. Often work closely with the renovation contractor, supplier or even architectural team, they are challenged with applying style, feel, space as well as technical solution that are both practical and comfortable to homeowners. At the same time, they will coordinate and supervise renovation site to make sure everything is according to plan.

By implementing thoughtful solutions, interior designers can create space that improve the experience of a home. To achieve the look homeowners’ desire, interior designer will try to realize homeowner’s dream home into reality by providing consultation and advices to homeowners’ idea.

Interior Decorator

Also known as interior stylist, they beautify a space by helping to choose your furniture, accessories, lighting and furnishing. Focus mainly on the aesthetic of your home, they don’t involve in structural changes of your home.


Though they don’t work closely with renovation contractor or architects, they do work with furniture maker, lighting expert and other furnishing professionals. Interior Decorator helps homeowners on colour scheme, purchasing furniture and accessories. Anything that involves a make-over of an existing space.

Which One Should You Hire?

Depending on what you need. If you need structural change of your home such as wall hacking or building an extra room, interior designer is the better choice as they can assist you in structural planning to interior styling.

If there’s no structural changes needed but you need to beautify your home, Interior Decorator would be a good choice for you as they will assist you by deciding on style.


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